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Why is literacy so important to MBK?


Cambridge is an international city, serving as the home to a collection of residents who hail from across the globe. Despite the great diversity that lives in our city, many of our residents, especially our children, have not explored worlds outside of theirs, even though they sit next to peers who hail from those different worlds. MBK Liberation Libraries aim to educate about, support, and find commonality in our differences through literacy. It is the intention of the MBK team to provide cultural passports to our residents through love and curiosity around reading. 


What is the goal of the libraries? 


MBK is committed to normalizing the exploration of reading and dreaming through the written word. The Liberation Libraries is focused on literacy, as it allows each of us to think outside our current worlds while also daring to enter worlds of which we’ve been told we’re not allowed to enter. 


Why are the libraries important?


We currently reside in a moment of our country’s story in which the fundamental liberties of people are under physical, mental, and emotional siege. The Liberation Libraries will serve as vessels to celebrate the lived experiences of Black and Brown people, opening important conversations about humanity, while also serving as an instrument of growth and community, moving us to become better versions of ourselves individually and collectively.


What makes the Liberation Libraries different from the other little libraries? 

The Liberation Libraries are an intergenerational movement designed to bring people of our Cambridge community together. They are not just libraries; rather, they will serve as community hubs for discussions and lectures, podcasts, family events, and the development of curriculum to delve into matters of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and racial equity.  


Why is it important that we created programming coupled with the libraries?


Cambridge, despite being one of the largest cities in the Commonwealth, is a village filled with people of beautiful, different ideas. It is our intention to center and elevate the Black and Brown lived experience in our community, especially those voices that are often marginalized. Programming connected to the MBK Liberation Libraries will celebrate and enhance the connectedness of our community. 


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